EXAM 6...

6-1...Where is the Rock today that Abraham attempted to sacrifice Isaac on?

6-2....What is the oldest continuously used artifact on the face of the earth ?

6-3....How do we become a "seed of Abraham" and joint heir?

6-4....How far north of Hebron was Shechem ?

6-5.... How much did his brothers sell Joseph for ?

6-6 ...Who did the Midianites sell Joseph to ?

6-7 ... What was Joseph's reply when the chief butler and the chief baker complained that there was no one around to tell them the meaning of their dreams ?

6-8 ... What city is located between Mount Gerazim and Mount Ebal ?

6-9 ... What did Joseph reply when Pharaoh asked him to tell the meaning of his dream ?

Email the answers. Start with each question number followed by the answer