EXAM 9...

9-1...How long did David reign in Israel ?

9-2....What is the rock called that Abraham went to offer up Isaac ?

9-3....Whose house was blessed because of the Ark of God ?

9-4 ... What did Nathan the Prophet tell David about the rich man who stole the poor man's sheep ?

9-5....Jebus was later called what ?

9-6....What were the two pillars in the Temple called ?

9-7 ...Describe Molech

9-8 ...Describe the Tophet

9-9.. Where did Jeroboam set up golden calves?

9-10.. At what age did Ezekiel begin to minister ?

9-11..What was Ezekiel's strongest prophecy ?

9-12 ..Where is Ezekiel's tomb located ?

Email the answers. Start with each question number followed by the answer